Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The following statements have been forwarded to both Durham Constabulary and Press Media.

John McCabe said, “It took me a long time to come to terms with the events that took place at Medomsley when I was a young man.
“I had to live with the shame and the humiliation of those memories every hour of every day.

“But with the support of my family I found the courage to speak out about what happened in that place and to search for justice not just for me, but for the many victims.

“I went to my local  MP Michael McCann for help and with his complete support our campaign to have the Medomsley investigation re-opened succeeded.

“A team of detectives are now deployed on this case.
“I’ve given the Police everything I know but I also know that our calls for witnesses to come forward have led to nearly 180 victims contacting the Police and telling their stories, many for the first time.
“I salute their bravery.
“The Police must now be left to get on with their work and I believe they will be able to secure the information they need to allow them to pursue prosecutions.
Michael McCann MP said, “John and I have been kept informed of developments by Durham Police.
“The resources that have been dedicated to this investigation mean that there is a real opportunity to secure convictions.
“There will be many people across the country who participated in this abuse who will be having sleepless nights, waiting for a chap at the door from the authorities.
“They probably thought that after all these years they had gotten away with their crimes.
“But thanks to John McCabe and his fight for justice they‘ll have to account for their actions.
“They deserve to go through that anxiety but their fears can’t come close to comparisons with the terror they instilled in their young victims.
“Justice will be done but we are mindful that proper judicial processes must be followed to secure convictions and we will therefore be allowing the Police to get on with their work.
“Successful convictions are far more important than a BBC documentary.”