Saturday, 23 December 2017

A Call To All Former Victims

We would draw your attention to this dated document!


The Medomsley Detention Centre 

Call To All Former Victims

As We Have Been Informed By The CPS Seven Men, Who Are Aged From 61 to 73, Will Appear On Teesside Crown Court on 16 January, To Answer Charges Of Misconduct in a Public Iffice And Alleged Physical Abuse Offences. Some Will Also Answer Sexual Abuse Charges.

In The Best Interest of Justice We Ask All Victims Not To Attend This Hearing !

This Is The Start of a Trial” We Understand That Some Victims Will Attend The Hearing.

To Those Who Intend To Attend The Hearing’ We Have It In Good Authority That a Strong Police Attendance Will Be Present ’ As Will The Media.

We Ask Yous to Conduct’ Yourselves in a Orderly Manner ! And So Doing Not To Give The Police Reason To Caution Or Arrest Fellow Victims For Public Disorder Offences.

Any Public Disorder Offences Carried Out By Victims Will Be Highlighted By
The Media And Will Benefit The Alleged Suspects !

“Who Are Innocent’ Until Proven Guilty”

Medomsley Will Be In The Publics Eye And To Date We Have Followed Our Own Calendar” For Decades We Have Continuously Demolished Barriers !

We Have All Done The Impossible” Punched Our Way Out Of The Black Hole That We Have Been Shackled To Since We Were Young Lads.

OperationSeabrook Investigation Are Still Carrying Out Ongoing Lines Of Inquires !

They Are Also Confident” Further Suspects Will Be Brought To Account.

Please Do Not Give The Suspects Defences a Glimmer Of Light”!

That Could Lead To Suspect Charges Being Dropped Through Technicalities ! By Actions Carried Out By Ourselves.

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