Monday, 5 February 2018

Medomsley Detention Centre (Memo)

"Believe Nothing” Or Who Has Said It..!
Unless It Agrees With Your Own Reason and Your Own Common Sense.!
And It Is Fully Supported By Documented Facts..!

Our Testimonies Will Convict And Imprison All Accountable For Inhuman Crimes Committed Against Medomsley Victims....!

Not a Screw Looking For a Deal !
No Deals Have Been Tabled As a Option” And Do Not Exist...!

Our Same Moto Stands Today” As It Was Many Years Ago” Our Quest For Justice”
Will Not Be a Battle.” But a Long Fought War..!
And If We Can’t Find a Way’ We Will Make One...!
For The Eyes of The Future Are Looking Back At Us..!
And They Are Praying For Us To See Beyond Our Own Time..!
It’s Not Who.”It’s Not When.”Its Right Now’ And It Is Us ! Medomsley 1500.

We are more concerned regarding the
6 Suspects That weren’t Charged”!

So if Any Screws Have Turned Queen’s Evidence”
And That’s a Big If..’ They Will Consist Of The 6’ Suspects.”
This Is Just 1’ Reason To Why We Must Challenge The CPS.!
Though The Initial Challenge’ Is The CPS Get Out Of Jail Card..”

“Therefore We Believe’ No Further Action Will Be Taken” As It Is Not In The Publics Interest”

The Suspects Defence Barristers” But For The Exception Of 1” Suspect.
Don’t Give a Shit For The Screws.”
They Are Representing Both The Prison Service and The POA.!’
The Prison Officers Association’ For Ref:
Is The Screws Union !
And Like 2003 Neville Husband Trial At Newcastle Crown Court.”!
The Barristers Instructions Will Be Damage Limitations.

The very first 2 suspects to be questioned in relation to Medomsley commenced in August 2015”

Simultaneously officers from Seabrook attempted to make 2 arrests !

1” was still a working in The Prison Service.
1” was retired.
One living in Manchester and the other in Liverpool.

But when Durham turned up at they’re homes to bring them in for voluntary questioning !
Durham got caught off guard’
As both gave the same brief statements !

We have been advised to make no comment and advise yous to contact The POA’ and closed they’re doors on Police.

Durham were stunned and returned back to HQ”
The head SIO’ of OperationSeabrook at the time:
Paul Goundry had to seek guidance from The CPS.
The CPS sent 2 of they’re Crown Prosecutors to join the OperationSeabrook Team’ to assist and give guidance, to ensure no legal technicalities were breached.

The exact date Durham went these doors was
Monday 4th August 2015

How do I know this information ?

2 Days Later:
Both my MP and myself were given this update at a meeting with Durham’s SIO’s on Wednesday 6th August 2015”
The meeting was headed by
SIO Brad Howe !
As although Paul Goundry was present’ he had just returned back from annual leave on that very day, and was not up to date with Investigation.

Confirmation of the above information and meeting by my former
MP Michael McCann.