Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Here's the link to the full documentary for SUN SEA & SATAN

With thanks to Bill Maloney and his brave camera crew who went to Jersey to get some insight into what was being reported in the media about institutional sexual abuse and torture of young children. Upon Bill's arrival Bill and the crew started to notice things were strange in this place. Watch Sun Sea & Satan the full documentary, No cutaways No Manipulation No tampering with footage as we have seen many times with the aggregated media, Just the raw data and facts that clearly unfold in this piece of documentary.

Here's the link to the full documentary for SUN SEA & SATAN, comments, discussion and controversial debate are flooding in (over 1600) and we've had over 27,000 views in 4 weeks: SUN SEA & SATAN (1hr)

We've also posted this information resulting from the Guardian article:

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By Eric Allison THE GUARDIAN:

"As a prison correspondent, few stories have angered me as much as the abuse of young detainees by Neville Husband. We were alerted to this horror story by a powerful no-budget film, Adam Rickwood and the Medomsley Heroes, produced by Pie and Mash Films. It was never broadcast but is available on YouTube. It is a long and angry account of the anguish caused by Husband, exacerbated by the system that protected him. It does not make comfortable viewing. Those who betrayed the boys in their charge ought to be made to watch it."

READ THE FULL ARTICLE: A True Horror Story: The abuse of teenage boys in a detention centre.

Watch the film: ADAM RICKWOOD & THE MEDOMSLEY HEROES (2hrs 37mins)
READ ERIC ALLISON on THE GUARDIAN: How can the prison service move on if it won't apologise for child abuse?

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