Monday, 12 October 2009

Kevin Young says

All who have a desire to seek the truths & facts surrounding the long term systematic sexual and mental abuse of young teenagers by Crown officers and ongoing litigation against the Home Secretary, The Home Office?

“This is a most serious matter involving Crown officers!”
Judge Cockcroft at Leeds crown court 9th November 2005

How serious? How many officers? Who was involved?

Only a much needed investigation and or enquiry public or independent into the long term criminal activities by known and named officers H.M.D.C. Medomsley, County Durham, (Now Hassockfield). Will begin to uncover what is quite frankly a horror story that really needs to be told openly and honestly so lessons not lip service may be addressed.

“This is the worst case of sexual and physical abuse I have had to deal with in my 17 years as a Home Office physiologist ,dealing with some of the most violent and dangerous sex offenders in our prisons “
Dr.Elie Godsi Leeds court 9th November 2005

Between 1967 and 1983 many raped and tortured sadistically often on a daily basis throughout there 3, 6 month sentences by a small group of serving officers and with the apparent knowledge of more senior prison officials, assistant governors and governors, with criminal charges being formally lodged firstly in 1967 for criminal offences that clearly showed a most unhealthy appetite for homosexual pornography in regards young boys in bondage etc.

The illegal importation of homosexual pornography both into the uk and then into the Medomsley youth custody centre its self, to be shown to the young inmates in private viewing situations between officers and inmates according to home office official documents and known as Portland Young offenders institute , only to be dismissed as not in the public interest!

The relocation of the offending officers to other youth custody centres, despite formal criminal charges laid by Portland police, also charges that were to be subsequently drop deemed not in the public interest!

Allowing them free access to continue there ways uninterrupted as they most certainly did, culminating in the rape and violent sexual attacks on many young inmates over a twenty year period.

Most of these will remain silent witnesses, many with a duty of care, having failed in that duty have welcomed the immoral use of this statutes of limitations act designed primarily for medical negligence to allowing those responsible to avoid accountability and therefore deny justice to genuine victims. The Church and many other institutes have and continue to misuse the act to avoid accountability! In particular where the facts have been fully investigated and found to be true.

Only by dealing truthfully and morality with past, so called historic abuse
(Not historic to those who live with its affects today!) can we truly learn and there fore begin to avoid a large proportion of the inhuman and life destroying abuse that has and continues to blight our progress to a better and more just society.

Home offices policies of inaction / avoidance and at times outright criminal deceit in this and many similar cases have resulted in the continuation of the most brutal and inhumane criminal treatment of young persons in their custody.

A society that tolerates abuse is by its very nature an abusive society, and the laws required to deal justly and morally with abuse must reflect that society’s desires.

I can fully understand the statutes of limitations when used for its designed purpose (medical negligence )but this law was never intended to be applied to victims of abuse who seek an opportunity for a fair hearing and with consideration for the well known and documented symptoms of those abused being unable to unburden there nightmares

Sometimes until many years later, in reality most victims will live out there lives silent witnesses to the betrayal and humiliation that only they will truly know and there silent screaming heard only in there shattered minds . In reality for many years only the lawyers and legal frame have gained financially from all this pain and yet how quick the defence to constantly refer to the compensation always the compensation?

They chose to further belittle and cause pain while collecting there fees in bulk, woe ye layers. Who would ignore our quest for justice peace of mind and a opportunity for some degree of closer that we and our families crave so badly.

Yours sincerely Kevin R Young